Monday, 8 December 2014


OMG indeed...These are amazing!

I was very lucky to be sent some OMGNailStrips to review & give my honest opinion. 

I was sent two designs: peacock & black lace nail strips-the second of which I shall be showing you today.

 I was slightly dubious about trying these (On my newly shaped nails-almond) being a complete novice to nail wraps, nail polish strips etc, I thought they might be tricky to use. I am now convinced, however, that they are in fact foolproof! 

I did follow the instructions on the back of the pack-however I found a couple of little tricks that made application go even more smoothly:  Before soaking I just went over every nail with a cotton pad soaked in remover to ensure the nails were thoroughly clean. It's important to push your cuticles back after soaking them to ensure the closest possible fit. Then I gently buffed each nail, I found that the strips adhered easier to a non shiny surface. Then I placed the appropriate sized strip onto the nail & smoothed it out-really easy & no bubbling/creasing! Then I filed off the excess strip in a downwards motion. Finally a coat of topcoat & a little extra along the tips of the nails to seal & I was left with some pretty impressive looking nails! 

One of the things I really liked about these strips was the fact that they had the size written underneath them, so once you found the right size for one hand it was easy to match with the other. So far I've had these on for around 5 days- I would say at least 7 nails still look perfect & the other 3 are just starting peel at the tips. I think the fact they last up to 10 days could be a little on the optimistic side, but my nails have taken a battering the last few days-mainly from Christmas present wrapping & the joys of getting stuck to everything by Sellotape! 

The amount of people who have commented on my nails in the last few days has been astounding-from shop assistants to family members, everyone was wanting to know where I had got my nails done! For $7.99 you get a stunning manicure at a fraction of the price of a salon visit, that absolutely anyone can do themselves!

OMGNailStrips are available to purchase for $7.99. They also have special deals for multi buys: 5 packs for $25 with the coupon code: 5pack & 10 packs for $45 with the code: 10pack.

You can find out more information & application techniques by visiting their website above, or their Facebook page.

I am so pleased I got the chance to try these & I will, without a doubt, be making a purchase for more very soon! 

Have you tried nail wraps/polish strips before & have you got any useful tips for application? 

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