Saturday, 13 July 2013

How could a beautiful Summer's day get any better....

My July Glossy box arrived-that's how!!

This month the box has taken on a seaside splash theme and is turquoise with coral and starfish all over it. How apt, as today has been a scorcher! 

How Cute is this months packaging?!

The seaside Splash Magazine 

Finally here's the box:

Wow! I have to say I am quite impressed with this months box-is it my favourite? No, but it has a great selection of summery treats, 6 items-4 of which are full size and most I will use! 

As always I'll start with the item I was the most excited by-Essie Sleek long wearing nail stickers. My only disappointment was the fact I received the Zebra print design and I've been lusting after the blue and silver ones for ages! I will definitely try them out (see if it's worth the money, before I buy the blue ones!) the colour is metalic brown and black-not the most summery colours, eh? 
full size-one set: £9.99 

Next is the Anatomicals Spray misty for me facial spritz. I was really excited to use this, as I'd been sat in the sun and was feeling rather hot and bothered. Wish I had read the packaging first...I only read as far as peppermint but it also contains Lavender and this is quite overpowering (if like me you suffer with migraines, Lavender can be a trigger) Also it seems to have made my skin a little greasy and i'm not sure if it's the fact my face smells like an English garden but wasps and bees seem to really like me today...Eeek!! 
full size-100ml: £6.00

spf 20 Coola organic sun care collection-mineral sunscreen moisturiser for face. This may not be the most exciting item but it is definitely the most practical. I hate to admit that I don't really use a lot of sunscreen...and I only use a moisturiser that contains spf 15 so I will definitely try this! 
full size-50ml: £29.99
sample received-7ml: approx £4.20

Sleek Makeup Pout Paint x2 in 
158-rosette and 153-cloud 9
to start with I thought, really? A white lipstain?! Luckily the brochure explains that the white/silver is for mixing with other colours to intensify the shade; apparently blue was included in some boxes too (think white is the least scary!)
full size-8ml: £4.99 each

Finally Alterna Haircare Bamboo style boho waves tousled texture mist-that's a bit of a mouthful! I'm a sucker for anything that says boho as I really want my long, thick, straight hair to turn into beachy waves! However I'm not really into hair products as my hair gets oily so quickly and any hair stuff makes this worse. However I will give this a little try; but if i have to wash my hair straight after, I wont be happy!
Full size-125ml: £23.00
sample-25ml: approx £4.60

So all in all I have to say I really am quite pleased with this months box! A great mixed selection of everything from skincare to hair care and make up. My only real disappointment was the face mist as I have wanted one for a while, but can't use it because of the fragrance. The best bit about this months box? The value for money!! The box + p&p = £12.99 and the contents approx £34.77 -now that's what I call a bargain!! 

Thanks Glossy Box! 

Were you happy with your box? 
Did you receive any different items? 

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thanks for reading, come back soon!