Friday, 5 July 2013

Nail Polish Haul & a little update.

Nail Polish Haul & a little update:

Firstly I just want to say sorry for disappearing and completely neglecting this blog. The last few weeks haven't  been that great and  I've had to concentrate on other things. I'm hoping that now things are on the up I can be a better blogger again! 

Right, so in the time I've had off from blogging, I may not have painted my nails so much, but the polish has kept on arriving at my door... So I have three separate polish hauls to share with you! I'll start with the oldest-from about three weeks ago; all of which arrived in the same week:

Most were bought online, from nail sale on facebook, tkmaxx, sainsburys, Sally's and Asda.

Top row-L-R: Orly Androgynie, China glaze: stella, sexy in the city and flying dragon and OPIs: Eiffel for this colour and Done out in Deco.

Middle row: Eye candy London gel effect top coat, OPI minis: Not like the movies and Call me Gwenever, Revlons: Starry pink and stunning, Barry Ms: Sour apple confetti, greenberry gelly (ashamed to admit-my first gelly!) and limited edition pink and George at asda denim effect polish.

Last row: Illamasqua Paranormal UV polish in Ouija, Enchanted polish in Bruised nutcracker, Black label OPIs: Rent, Mamma Mia and Glacier Bay Blues and ILNP ultra minis: Golden Orchid, She surfs and Chianti.

My gorgeous Black Label OPIs!

with flash.

And finally the beautiful Enchanted Polish Bruised Nutcracker! 
Isn't she a beaut!! 

Oh and a little while ago I told you about my desperate search for the EP Castle on a Cloud...Well I managed to snag one in the Llarowe restock and it arrived yesterday! So I shall be seeing Les Mis in the West End with Castle on a Cloud on my nails-Yay!

Did you manage to get hold of any EPs in the latest restocks? 

Thanks for reading, come back soon!