Friday, 19 July 2013

Mint mani for Talia!

Friday Mint Mani in remembrance of Talia.

Talia is such an inspiration, who in her short time, accomplished so much as an accomplished MUA and nail artist. 
Talia was so brave and talented, she earned her wings on Tuesday 16th July 2013.

In honour of Talia some of us Nail bloggers have decided to dedicate Friday as mint mani day, which was her favourite colour.

I love the colour mint, so I had a lot of choice! I decided to choose the most special mint polish I own...

Enchanted polish Britney spearmint:

with flash-pre-cleanup.

in sunlight

in sunlight

in sunlight

In remembrance of Talia Joy Castellano

Thanks for reading and if you have a few moments please look at some of the other bloggers below, who are also sporting mint manis, maybe you too could also paint your nails mint in remembrance of such a brave and beautiful girl.

Also if you haven't already you can view her inspiring Youtube HEREwhich will go some way to showing why she touched the hearts of so many people.

Bloggers unite in showing their love and support for Talia and her family: