Monday, 8 July 2013

Sizzling Sunshine and Pretty Polish-What's not to Love?!

What polish does a heatwave call for-Why, a neon polish, packed full of holo goodness of course! 

So in my opinion it has been a great weekend to be British! Glorious sunshine and Andy Murray winning Wimbledon-what a great combination! I don't really follow many sports, (unless shopping counts which i avidly take part in!) but I LOVE Wimbledon, it's one of those quintessentially British things; and i will always remember the moment when I knew Andy Murray had won The Wimbledon Men's final 2013.

I really wanted to take advantage of this lovely sunshine and decided to crack out the holo polish! I picked a newbie (that hasn't even been in a haul post yet) It literally arrived and was used! I chose Literary Lacquers Raspberry Cordial from The 'Anne of Green Gables' collection. Which is quite sentimental as my Nan loves the book and I can remember her reading it me as a child.

It is a bright-almost neon polish with a crazy linear holographic finish. It also has a scattering of small holo glitter and bright pink glitter.

Application is flawless and opaque in two coats (with Bright pinks, I always get a little VNL for some reason-but this polish wasn't too bad.) Topcoat doesn't dull the rainbow effect at all! I used one coat of topcoat but I think it could do with two-if like me, you like that really glossy finish.

Here's the Piccies (a lot of piccies)!

low indoor lighting-no flash
outdoors, sunlight-no flash
with flash

outdoors in sunlight
with flash...WOW!
with flash
with flash 
with flash-showing the flash of purple \\

with flash

WOW..Isn't she a beaut! I seriously think I'm a little in love with this polish. I need to hunt down a full size bottle! 

Which polish have you reached for in this sizzling, summer sunshine?

Thanks for reading, come back soon!