Friday, 26 July 2013

In which I add to my small, but treasured, collection of Enchanteds!

The most beautiful polish ever...?

...I think I will let you decide! 

Of course I am talking about a polish that has been one of my biggest lemmings..I'm kind of a big deal , by Enchanted Polish.

I'm kind of a big deal is quite hard to describe; In some lighting it is almost a deep, true lavender and it others it has more pinky tones to it. This is a linear holo polish, although it doesn't come across as well as other EPs. I completely LOVE it! As with all EPs the application was flawless in two coats and topcoat doesn't dull the holo goodness at all! 

Enchanted definitely were not lying-Kind of a big deal? OMG yes you are, yes you are!! (better move onto the piccies before I keel over from the gorgeous, girlishness of this pretty!) 
WARNING: I sort of overdid the whole pictures thing...I couldn't help but take loads! 

indoors natural light

This picture is probably the most true to colour. You can just see the holo sparkle coming out to play.

with flash

in low indoor lighting!

with flash
with flash

with flash

with flash (pre cleanup-excuse the mess!)

How could anyone not fall head over heels for this polish? I absolutely adore it!

Is this one of you lemmings??

Thanks for reading, come back soon!