Monday, 19 August 2013

Nails inc review and simple Cath Kidston inspired nail art, with instructions.

Nails Inc Limited Edition nail polish - 22.07.13 and Cath kidston inspired nail art.

I've been looking for a baby blue creme nail polish for ages and seeing as I bought nails inc jubilee, I thought I would splurge on their latest ltd for the Birth of the new baby Prince. Named after his date of birth-22.07.13-my second crystal cap!!

As to be expected with Nails inc cremes, the application was perfect. The first coat was a tiny bit streaky, due to the polish having a lot of white pigment in it; however the second coat evened it all out nicely.

I then decided to have my first go at roses nail art. I chose a Cath kidston design. I used the thinnest brush and dotting tool from the set below, which can be purchased from Topshop.

Colours used: Nais inc: 22.07.13 and peach sorbet and hello kitty in meltdown and a kiss nail art pen in lime green. I also used Gelous topcoat to seal the design.

It's far from perfect but for a first attempt and rather shaky hands I'm quite pleased with it!

I started by putting a few drops of peach sorbet on a piece of tin foil; then using the dotting tool I did three random scruffy circles (the base for the roses.) then using the small brush i dipped it into the melt down and drew a squiggle, similar to an e shape and then opposite I drew a short curved line. then I added some short, spiky green leaves coming from the roses. It's really that simple, you don't have to be a great artist and if it all goes horribly wrong you can call it abstract! 

with flash. (sorry for the bad quality but it captured the colour well!)

 I really love the cute little roses, which is strange as I'm really not keen on Cath Kidston, but on my nails it has somehow won me round!
Have you tried anything like this on your nails?

thanks for reading, come back soon!