Thursday, 22 August 2013

Review of Nelly polishes: Mena.

Today I'm going to show a gorgeous polish from, new UK indie brand, Nelly polish, that I was very lucky to be sent to review.

Nelly polish is 3-free and revolutionary, for the simple fact that you can purchase it in dried form. (A very clever way of getting around all of the new postage restrictions!) You can purchase it ready made, in dried sachet form or dried in a bottle. It comes with all the ingredients so all you have to do is add topcoat and shake-it really is that simple! You can purchase nelly polish from either: their website-HERE, ebay-HERE or Etsy-HERE

The polishes that I was sent, were from the first collection-Fungooms. 

Mena is a gorgeous black jelly polish with lavender, holographic and copper/rose glitter. It has that gorgeous squishiness that comes with jelly polishes and the different sized glitters give it real depth. It applied smoothly in two even coats and the glitter spread evenly across the nail-no tricky glitter fishing required!

the polishes in dried form, already in the bottle and with easy step by step instructions.

Add topcoat a bit at a time and shake.

 the finished result!

with flash!

without flash.

It is such a gorgeous polish, really dark and vampy. I can tell I will be wearing this a lot in the winter months! Another remarkable thing about nelly polish, is the drying time is so quick! They dry to a satin-matte finish, so topcoat is a must for a shiny finish. I added one coat of gelous, for shine-it was smooth to touch pre-topcoat!

Review of Polperro to follow.

I love seeing all of these new UK indie brands popping up! It's even inspired me to have a dabble into the world of polish making! 

Have you tried any UK indie brands yet? 

thanks for reading, come back soon!