Friday, 30 August 2013

Nelly Polish: Polperro review

Polperro-A gorgeous orange sparkly glitterbomb? yes please!

Today I have to show you another gorgeous polish from new UK indie brand Nelly polish.

How cute is the little wibbly jelly logo?! 

Polperro is a coral/orange jelly, with gold, holo and copper glitters of varying size.

I have to be 100% honest with you and say that I loved this polish in the bottle. It just didn't seem to suit my skintone (my hands do not look that colour!) and it was a little on the sheer side. I think in hindsight I really should have used some orange or white undies with this polish. I'm not giving up, so expect to see another post on polperro soon! I love it from other peoples swatches, that I've seen, and I'm determined that it will work for me!! 

I really love Polperro it's so pretty and hopefully my swatches over undies will show this…love the concept of these polishes and both colours are stunning. However my favourite is definitely Mena, I love how it leans between being black and purple and is full of gorgeous glitters. I just wish I could have done Polperro justice with my swatches as it is really lovely!

Polperro: take two!

This time I decided to use a peachy orange polish as a base. I chose Nails inc wellington square, the picture below shows 2 coats.

(as you can see from the nails inc polish, oranges are not very flattering on me!)

low indoor lighting

Below shows one coat of polperro layered over wellington square.

 And below is with two coats of Polperro.

 Hopefully you can see the difference a base colour has made-I love it!! It is the perfect summer shade! (although orange wouldn't be my first choice, it suits me a lot more than the pictures show!) I am so pleased that I got this beauty to work for me and I am keeping this with the satin matte finish for the time being as I really like it and for a polish with glitter in, it is so smooth!

Read my earlier review on Mena and Nelly polish HERE!!

Have you tried Nelly polish yet?? 

thanks for reading, come back soon!