Monday, 14 October 2013

Enchanted Polish Haul!!

In which I add a few new additions to my Enchanted polish collection!

I got a little lucky at the Enchanted restock and managed to get September 2013-a gorgeous ballet slipper pink! However, I missed Vampires suck, after it was in my cart it sold out...cart hold anybody?! So I thought I would console myself by looking at EPs I've acquired over the past month or so.

Warning: Picture heavy post! 

with flash

Ok, so the first two Enchanteds I received were; Seven Nation Army and August. I was desperate for August, as I was 21 on the 9th of August and thought it would make an extra special keepsake! 

Such was my struggle to get my mitts on August, I ended up with two! One of which is in the process of a swap, So here are the EP twins, before they were separated.

with flash

Next Up is January and March 2013. I don't think I have much chance at completing the months I have missed, but as and when they come up, I shall pounce! If you know of anyone looking to part with May, Please let me know! (my biggest EP monthly lemming) As for can only dream! Haha 

with flash

Next is Purple Roses and Sprinkled! Two huge EP lemmings, that I managed to acquire from lovely ladies! Just my sort of colours! 

with flash

And last but not least: Life in Plastic, It's Fantastic! Which I had to have for nostalgic reasons! When I was little, I never stopped singing 'I'm a barbie girl' and this was stocked in one if the 'right place/right time' restocks. For once in my life, I was in the right place at the right time, to get my mitts on this beaut! It is eye searingly bright and absolutely gorgeous!!

Have you acquired any new Enchanted Polishes lately? I have to admit I am a little (ok majorly) obsessed with them! I even pulled an all nighter for the Mei Mei Restock...Only for it to happen at 3pm!

Thanks for reading, come back soon!