Thursday, 17 October 2013

Wingdust polish: Like Yoda...but less Green!

This polish, I loved for the name alone, but add the fact that it's purple, has a scattered holo effect and glitters, I knew I had to have it, and when I found out it was being discontinued I panic bought I regret it?? Lets find out!

As I mentioned it is a mid/dark purple polish with a scattered holographic effect and contains sparkly green, fuschia and purple micro glitters. I have never seen glitter in a dark base twinkle so much! In fact I'm finding hard to do anything other than stare at my nails! Formula wise, I hate to say it wasn't so great. It was so thick (I shall try a little thinner) and gloopy and dragged a lot leaving bald spots-the first coat was nothing short of a nightmare. Luckily the second coat covered to full opacity and was a much smoother, less stressful process. It's a good job this polish is so gorgeous and therefore worth the hassle! I finished with a generous coat of Glisten and Glow H K Girl topcoat, which Is fast becoming  one of my cult nail items. You can buy both products here: rainbow connection!

Now for the piccies! 

First two pictures taken in natural outdoor lighting.

And now to add flash and sit back and watch the rainbows!

 See how twinkly the glitter is, in the above picture? When it catches the light, it is the same in real life too!

For my first Wingdust polish, I can overlook the formula as I'm so in love with the colour! I definitely don't regret my, panic buying, alter ego taking over..this time anyway! Isn't it just gorgeous, I'm such a sucker for purple polishes! 

Have you tried any Wingdust polishes, If so what's your verdict?

Thanks for reading, come back soon!