Sunday, 13 October 2013

Glossy Box October 2013 Review.

The Dark Romance edition-A BAD Romance!

With Halloween just around the corner, I'm guessing GlossyBox decided it would be funny to scare us all with a horrific box...

Firstly, the theme 'Dark Romance'-there is only one item in the entire box that even remotely fits this theme, right before I slate the entire box, I better show you why I'm making such a fuss...

Looks promising??

It fooled us all! As always I'll show you the contents in order of my favourites...this will be tricky!

First up is Katy Perry killer Queen Perfume sample, I'm not impressed with a sample you can pick up from any department store for free...
Price: Full size: £29.50 for 50ml
sample value:  60p apprx for 1.5ml or two sprays!

Next up MeMeMe Cherub's Blush-cheek and lip tint. I'll be sticking with my Benetint...However 'YAY' for the fact that Glossy box managed to pick one item that fits the theme of this months box!
full size: £5.50

Premae Multi-vit smoothie serum. Now the world serum instantly puts me off as I have oily skin. This claims to be for combination skin, but in all honestly it's just not worth the risk..
full size: £22.50 for 50ml
sample size: £10 apprx 20ml

Monu illuminating primer. I like Monu and i like primers, but add the word illuminating and I'm really put off. In my experience illuminating products just emphasise any imperfections.
full size: £24.95 for 50ml
sample size: £10 apprx 20ml

Finally Dark Romance eat you heart out Broadway nails imPress, press-on manicure (stick on nails) in a sparkly/glittery french manicure design. I detest these!! I know it's a strong word but seriously the last time i used nails with those sticky tabs I was 10? 
Full size: £7.99

Box inc p&p: £12.99
contents: £34.00 apprx

Hmm..I hate being so negative, but I really don't like one item and I probably wont be using anything from this months box. Although the value was higher than what I paid for the box, I feel that the items were cheap, they didn't fit the theme and didn't suit my beauty profile-yet again! 

I'm staying until Christmas, then I'm leaving (after nearly 2 years!) So Glossy box you have two boxes to make me change my mind-WOW me!!

Was your box any better? Or did you like the box?

thanks for reading, come back soon!