Monday, 28 October 2013

My first attempt at a Galaxy Mani!

Yoda In Space!

Today I am going to share with you my first attempt at a galaxy manicure-will it be out of this world? (excuse the pun!) 

First of all I shall show you the tools I used (you don't need fancy tools at all and can make so with a bit of sponge and a cocktail stick!)

First of all I chopped off little bits of a makeup sponge, nail art brush, piece of cardboard for dabbing the polish off of and tweezers for  precision control.

Quite a few different polishes went into creating the spacey effect! Including: a base of Wingdust-Like Yoda...but less Green! China glaze-fairy dust, spoiled-the parking meteor expired!, Funky fingers-mermaid lagoon, china glaze-white out, color club-wink wink twinkle, ciate-bon bon, nails inc: Diet coke-Paris and Instyle-Power pink, Models own-Jack frost and all topped off with Glisten and glow top not a lot really!! 

I started with a base of 2 coats of wingdust: Like yoda...but less Green! Well, what can I say I was inspired and had to have a go at a galaxy manicure! (which unfortunately doesn't involve the yummy chocolate-dam it!!

I then put a few drops of white polish onto some card and picking up a piece of sponge with the tweezers dabbed it into the polish. I then sponged a diagonal line. Then using a dark polish and a thin edged piece of sponge I dabbed around the white, blurring the edges. I then just went with the flow and carried on adding other colours: Pink, plum, glitter, flakies, etc. I did this on every other finger and on the blank fingers I added a coat of fairy dust, for some extra twinkle!

The great thing about a galaxy mani is that there is no wrong/right way of doing it. Meaning it will always look slightly different and unique to the individual. My only advice would be to build the layers up gradually and to stop before getting too carried away-dabbing here and splodging there etc...and then top it all off with a hard wearing, fast drying topcoat, like glisten & glow.

All in all I was quite pleased with the finished result and am looking forwards to trying it again with other colours and variations. 

What do you think of the galaxy nail trend, have you tried it?

thanks for reading, come back soon!!