Monday, 27 May 2013

Hello Kitty inspired dotticure!

Today i'm going to show you the pics from my first attempt at using a dotting tool-which was inspired by a cute picture of Hello Kitty! 

It's pink week on the all things nails page on facebook, Which happens to also be my favourite colour, so It was easy picking the colour for my dotticure! 

I used OPI nothing mousy about it as my base colour. This was available in last years vintage Minnie mouse collection, of which I bought the mini set, only to discover that I loved them all and needed full sizes!  It is a gorgeous bubblegum pink creme; application was a piece of cake-fully opaque in two smooth coats. 

I then took my dotting tool which I bought in a set from Topshop, available here (they also sell the dotting tool on it's own now for £6), and I dipped it into white nail polish, which i had put a few drops of onto a piece of plastic-I made the mistake of dipping it straight into the pot first..what a mess!! Then i starting randomly placing the little polka dots all over my nails. I then waited longer than normal before adding topcoat so as the dots didn't smear. Easy Peasy and the results are so cute! 

Here's the pics:

Matchy Matchy time!

I loved the vintage Minnie collection and I can't wait to finally get my mitts on this years Minnie couture collection!
Will you be purchasing any of them?? 

thanks for reading
 and I hope to see you back here soon!