Thursday, 9 May 2013

OPI Mermaids Tears and Which is Witch.

It's blue week over on the all things nails page on facebook and i was deceived by Mermaids tears-which i swear looked more turquoisey in the bottle! 

So this is still going to be my entry as anyone that knows me would tell you i'm awkward like that! 

Mermaid's tears, from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, has sat untried (but not unloved) in my helmer for nearly a year! So i finally decided I would dig it out and use it. I absolutely love it! It's different to any other colour I own and would really make a summer tan pop! 

Here's a lovely shot of Mermaids tears in the sunshine (when we had sunshine!):

taken in sunshine!

It could almost pass for duck egg blue here...right?!
taken in low indoor lighting.

I originally planned to top the whole thing off with Witch is which, from the Oz collection, but Mermaids tears was just too pretty to hide! Instead i used it as a ring finger mani (best of both worlds!)

in indoor lighting.

I'm sure it would look amazing in the sun...if we had any!
So here's the next best thing...
taken with flash

I really love this combination and I can't believe I left it so long before I tried Mermaid's tears!
It's not a colour I would normally go for, but now i think it's among my many favourites! 

What's your oldest untried polish?
I think I still have older!
On a side note I painted my toe nails on Monday and as I foretold it has rained ever since! 

Thanks for reading 
and I hope to see you back again soon!