Monday, 13 May 2013

May Glossy Box review:

Glossy box and the terrible twos...

It's Glossy Box's 2nd Birthday and
after last months amazing box, this months has left me feeling a little disappointed.

Here's my box:

so far so good, a pretty neon pink ribbon and special glossy box turns 2 tissue paper.

I do feel a little bad grumbling as A I used my glossy dots to purchase it and B it is a far better box than last years birthday box; from which the only memorable items where: a flimsy plastic GB compact mirror and a rather sad balloon.

As always i'll talk you through the items one by one in order of what I found to be the most exciting.

First up we have a new product from the brand Jelly Pong Pong: 
Fairy Lashes mascara. I am yet to try this but I love mascara and the  packaging is too cute! This item more than paid for the price of the box and p&p in one. full size £15!

Next up is a nail polish by Headline Colours in Graphite. I haven't heard of the brand before, but hey it's a polish so i'm sure i'll like it! The only downside being the colour, which i'll use in the winter as it doesn't scream Summer. Another full size £9!

Beautiful movements cosmetics prime and create mixing medium-that's a mouthful! Teeny tiny 2.5g sample, which at first i thought was petroleum jelly-it's not! It is quite the multi-tasking little product which claims to act as a primer or can be mixed with any loose pigment to create cream foundation, eyeshadows, blushers etc... However, I'm hoping that I have the perfect use for this, as I have a Laura Mercier mosaic block that got smashed to pieces-so i'm thinking cream blusher! full size £20 so 2.5g apprx £2.50

And lastly we have a tie for the two products that excited me the least! 

Collection 2000 (yes you did read that correctly...) fast stroke eyeliner. However I will probably give this a try, although products like this normally irritate my sensitive eyes. I'll report back once I've tested it out! Full size £2.99

Finally the product which seems to have caused a bit of a buzz and funnily enough it's the product I won't even try...
Paul Mitchel Awapuhi wild ginger shine spray. I don't use anything on my hair except shampoo and conditioner; as it is extremely long, thick and oily.  full size 125ml £18.95 

Also included was a little matchbook of Glossy box own brand nail files and a mini Green and Blacks organic dark choccie bar, which was nice touch.

This months Glossy Box is worth apprx £48.44-which makes me feel even worse for not being over the moon with it!  

Whats your take on this months box?
Did you get anything different?

On a side note, sorry I haven't posted much lately. I've had problems with the tool I use for watermarking, which is hopefully fixed now! 

thanks for reading and 
I hope to see you back again soon!