Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Whoops this weeks polish haul...

Hello, today I'm going to let you in on a little secret, this past week my polish buying has been out of control..way out of control!! 

A couple of these may have arrived a little over a week ago, but most of these arrived last week!

You wait your whole life for a Lynnderella nail polish...then 4 turn up at once:

They truly are little works of art aren't they?! 
from left to right: connect the dots-my biggest lemming slain!! The Glittering crowd-2nd lynn lemming! Mercury's rainbow and Very Pretty Vampire. As you can probably guess (although I consider them a bargain) this little lot cost a small fortune!! I think of it as an investment; some people buy bonds or shares I buy polish and nice jewellery-a much more sensible idea, if you ask me! ;) 

Next up is my polish haul-most arrived last week or the week before:


From left to right-
 Row one: Kleancolor holo chrome, sinful colors kissy and nail junkie-how apt! China Glaze hologlam when stars collide, OPI black label Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Row two: YSL mauve reflections, A England Tristam, Pretty&Polished Sand art and Mardi Party and smitten polish You're turning violet, Violet.

Row 3: Girly Bits Jelly shoes (the same colour as the pair of jelly shoes I had when I was little-I love polishes with nostalgic names!), Lush Lacquer Pink Panther, Glitzology Disco Barbie, Different Dimensions Rainbows & Butterflies, Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise and Barry M nail art pen in pink.

Row 4: Lynns- VPV, CTD, TGC, MR and Pretty&Polished Night rider and Power house. 

It's Indie week on the all things nails page over on Facebook and I have no idea which I am going to pick, especially as I was hoping to have bought a peel off base coat before using any more glitters! 
Hmm decisions, decisions...!!

phew, I swear I will try and be better next week!! 

Have you had any new polishes arrive? 
What's your take on Lynnderella polishes?

Thanks for reading 
and I hope to see you back again soon!