Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mardi Gras in May??!

Pretty & Polished Mardi Party.

Well it took me so long faffing around, trying to choose a polish for Indie week, on the all about nails page on facebook, that I nearly ran out of time! So I finally chose Mardi Party from Pretty & Polished, one of my recent purchases from the nail sale page.

I layered it over OPI my vampire is buff. (the name springs up connotations of True blood...There's just something about the way Bill Compton says "Sookie"...) Ok, ok, back to polish! 

This polish was quite stressful: first coat as to be expected was a streaky mess, second coat evened it out a lot, but a few nails needed a 3rd coat as they seemed to develop bald spots. I somehow can forgive this as I do like the colour, it's such a change for me to wear something so muted.

Going from the muted to the completely crazy-I then added a coat of Pretty & Polished, Mardi Party. The base was somewhat unusual, think wall paper paste, gummy and gloopy. I found it easier to keep turning the polish upside down as the pieces of glitter tend to sink. Also it seemed to be easier to do one coat and then go back and place individual bits of glitter in the gaps.

The polish is a clear-ish base with all different shapes, sizes and colours of glitter. Since I painted my nails it's reminded people of so many different things: a clown, a gobstopper, confetti. It truly is a party in a bottle, but don't take my word for it, here's the piccies:

low indoor lighting

with flash

low indoor lighting

 And finally a shot of the glitter up close, forgive the fact it's a little blurred, I haven't quite caught the hang of the whole macro shot thing!

low indoor lighting

It just makes me think of streamers and banners and parties. It's such a cheerful polish, I'm hoping it may encourage the sun to come out of hiding! 

What's the Craziest polish you own? 

Thanks for reading
and I hope to see you again soon!