Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August Glossy box review

My very late review of the  August Glossy box!

Whoops, I've been so busy painting my nails, that I completely forgot to review my August Glossybox for you, Ah well here it September! 
(I will keep this one short, as I'm sure you have seen lots of reviews about it already!) 

As you can see the theme was High flyers and promised to bring items from different countries around the world.

I wasn't hugely excited by this box, there was nothing that I would rush out to buy; but hey, I can't complain as I used my glossy dots,  so it was completely free!

I received:

Jelly pong pong (yes another JPP item in a GB!) 2 in 1 eyeliner and shadow. I received the shade-Black. I obviously wont be trying this as a shadow, but another eyeliner is always handy.
full size: £10.50

Oceane make up remover pen. It's one of those items that I never bother purchasing. I have used it when I had a small liquid eyeliner mishap and it worked...ish. (i had to replace tips halfway through) although it didn't irritate my sensitive eyes, you would get through the four tips provided in a couple of uses. I did find if you turn the tip around it doubles the amount of uses you get from it. 
 Isn't available in the Uk so I have no idea what it retails for.

Emite eyelash curlers. These seem pretty good. I just happen to love my shu uemura eyelash curlers which I've been using for so long! However it made a nice change to receive a beauty tool in a glossy box and also these come with a pack of 3 replacement cushions.
full size:£20

Urban Veda Daily radiance face cream. I can't really comment on this as it was the completely wrong product for my skin type. Knowing products like this always break me out, I'm not taking the risk of trying it. I emailed Glossy Box about this item and was told that they can't always follow your beauty profile (what's the point of having one then?) I was  told I could use it on my chest...An area that I also have to be careful of breakouts. Ah well my Mum will use it, so it's not a complete waste (unlike sitting down and filling out the beauty profiles!!) 

Lastly I received TRESemme keratin smooth 60 second treatment. If there's one thing I hate receiving in beauty boxes it's hair products! I just can't use anything like this on my hair; as it gets so oily on its own, without adding to it with lots of product. However, I shall be giving this to my Nan who has dry hair, as I'm sure she'll like it.
full size: £1.49

Hmm...I really hate moaning about a box, as much as I have about this one. It's just some Glossy boxes are hits, but this one was more of a miss. I ended up giving half of the box away! I do like the eyelash curlers and will be keeping them-I've just been spoilt by my Shu Uemura ones! 

Lets hope next month is a better box! (If all else fails I know I love the packaging!!) It seems to be a London/Best of British themed box; which I am actually quite excited about! 

Did you receive anything different? Did you love your box?

thanks for reading, come back soon!