Sunday, 22 September 2013

Castle on a cloud at Les Mis!

What I wore, when I went to see Les Miserables for my 21st birthday!

I didn't just wear polish..I will add that I wore a dress too!

It all started a few months earlier...I went to see Les Mis at the cinema and fell in love! I then found out I was going to see the show for part of my Birthday celerations, this coincided with the first time I saw Castle on a cloud by Enchanted Polish; Which of course is named after the song, sung by the young Cosette in the show. I fell in love with the polish and drove myself (and everyone around me) crazy trying to get it! Somehow I got lucky and managed to get one in a snatch and grab restock!

So here she is: 

Pictures show: 1 coat of castle on a cloud over nails inc England's Lane and on the Ring finger is Enchanted Polish April 2013. I also used topcoat.

in sunlight

As you can see, not only is COAC a beautiful linear holo topper, but it shifts between pink and purple. It really is the most beautiful thing, I wish I could have captured it's true beauty. Maybe next time I will picture it over a dark base.

in over cast daylight

Obligatory shot with Big Ben in the background! 

in indirect sunlight.
In sunlight

Eeek it was so exciting!! I definitely want to see it again! It was exhausting though, a real roller coaster for the emotions!
I would highly recommend it, even for non-musical types...Even my Dad loved it!! 

We also payed a visit to choccy woccy doodah on Carnaby street, as It just happened to be opposite the MAC pro store, and well it would have been rude not to...!

Finally the result of a few hours shopping on Oxford street! I have never had enough time to complete that Topshop! The jewellery always distracts me!! Also got some amazing makeup in Selfridges-First trip there, but it definitely wont be my last, It was love at first sight! 

What's you favourite thing to do in London: Shops, Shows or something else?

Thanks for reading, come back soon!