Monday, 23 September 2013

Nails Inc Cadogan Gate and Lynnderella The Telltale Heart.

Today I'm going to be showing you a polish from a bargain set I picked up in TK Maxx.

It's from the Nails Inc iridescent collection, which I believe was a QVC exclusive.

 The polish I picked to use first was Cadogan Gate. A gorgeous cherry red in the bottle which leans slightly more pink on the nails. The pictures show two coats and I think in hindsight it could have done with a third as there is some VNL. These dry to a similar finish to OPI's liquid sands. They have a slight sand papery feel and a textured look, the sparkly bits help to break it up a bit though. It's a shame under most lighting the sparkles were nowhere to be seen! For the first time I left it without topcoat, I've always had a slight aversion to gritty nails but I didn't find this polish too bad.


Excuse the cuticles! They are undergoing some serious TLC at the moment! 

with flash
 With flash you can see the little twinkly bits of red glitter coming out to play!


Finally I added one coat of Lynnderella-The telltale heart on the pinky finger. It was more an 'ooh nail mail, let's try it!' moment than a planned feature of the mani, but I actually quite liked it!

What's your take on textured nails?
To topcoat or not to topcoat that is the question!

Thanks for reading, come back soon!