Thursday, 18 April 2013

A-England Lovelies! 

Warning: word heavy, slightly waffley post; but the polish deserves it! 

My first A-England polish was a gift from my boyfriend, it was Princess Sabra. Since then i have fallen for their gorgeous colours, longevity and sleek bottles.

So when they had a sale a few months back i had to purchase some that my collection desperately missed.

Here are shots of the bottles:

From left to right: Tess d'urbervilles, Dragon, lady of the lake, Guinevere and She walks in beauty.

There was another polish which managed to escape the picture-Jane Eyre, which happens to be named after my favourite book and which i have used in the mani below.

Taken without flash, as you can see the polish looks almost like a black creme. 

This is two coats (which would have applied perfectly apart from my slightly scraggly brush) with OPI pirouette my whistle and some larger round silver glitter from No7.

This was my first glitter gradient type mani, I didn't use a sponge i just wiped the brush so as there was hardly any glitter on it and dragged it upwards away from the cuticle. Then i fished out some of the larger round glitter and placed them on individually, for some added sparkle.

Now i almost didn't use this picture as it is pre-cleanup, and i'm a self-confessed perfectionist, but it is the only one in which i managed to capture Jane Eyre's hidden shimmer.

It is gorgeous, All of the Gothic beauty collection glow from within. Jane Eyre has a deep crimson shimmer, which i feel ties in perfectly, reminding me of the burning embers from the book.

This is the mani that i chose to wear to go and see the movie of Les Miserables. Somehow Jane Eyre seemed a fitting choice.

Do you love A-England polishes too? 
Which ones your favourite?