Friday, 19 April 2013

Jade Holographico Energy

Ok so it's been three days since i started posting nail piccies and this is my second holograhic polish...are you sensing a pattern? 

I do love a good holo and Jade do some amazing linear/crazy rainbow ones.

The picture below shows two coats +base and top coat. They are super easy to apply too! 

picture taken under dull indoor lighting.

As you can see the holo goodness is still easy to spot.

taken with flash.

It's like a party for your nails! 

I have to say i love this polish and think it is a really good price too; especially as a lot of brands add the word holographic and generally the price skyrockets.

the only downside is the tiny size 8ml and the fact it can be quite hard to find; until i heard about an amazing online shop based in the UK:

(disclaimer: it stocks so many drool worthy polishes that i take no responsibility for the amount of gorgeous polishes you may be inclined to purchase!)

 Have you tried any polishes from the Jade Holigraphico range or bought any lovelies from Sallymagpies??