Thursday, 25 April 2013

The most gorgeous polish ever...??

This is the polish that really started my indie obsession, I place all blame on Smitten polish-I want it now. 

The name is synonymous with the film Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and is just as delicious looking as all the scrumptious treats in the movie! 

I'm guessing the name is no mistake, as when i saw it i thought, I want it on my nails now!! 

I'll let the polish speak for itself, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words...and I've given you four!

slightly blurred to show the sparkle.
taken in low lighting.

taken with!!

I want it now is a green jelly base with lots of fine glitter-mainly green and turquoise, with some holo and black glitters too.
the black glitter really adds depth to the polish.

Although it's a jelly base it did cover in two rather generous coats, as the glitter is quite dense you will need a good top coat like gelous to make it smooth and shiny.

Have you fallen head over heels for indie brands like Smitten too??