Tuesday, 30 April 2013

 Mariah Carey by OPI liquid sand nail polish collection

Today i will be reviewing a liquid sand nail polish by OPI in The Impossible.

These are an innovative polish which, although dry to a matte finish have a nice amount of glitter which really makes them sparkle. The texture i find, much like Marmite, is You either love it or you hate it. Some people say it feels like fine sandpaper, others say it's even grittier...I managed a day without topcoat. This is such a shame as i loved the look of the polish, just every time i touched my nails it made me shudder!

The Impossible is quite a complex polish. It is a gorgeous coral toned red/pink jelly base with silver, red/pink and purple micro glitters. It also has some medium silver 
hexagonal glitter and larger (illusive) holographic star glitter which i had a lot of fun fishing out...I gave up trying to get them on every nail!!

It reminds me of filling bottles with coloured sands at Weymouth, seafront. 

Here are the piccies:

Indoor lighting.

see the stars on the thumb!

low lighting.

In real life this polish really does have the most amazing sparkle, unfortunately it just doesn't seem to translate very well in these pics, argh!

When the texture got too much to handle I added some topcoat and WOW..Now this is more like it!

with flash.

Whats your take on the whole textured nail trend:
pretty or just pretty awful?

Thanks for reading,
i hope to see you again soon!