Monday, 22 April 2013

Mini Egg Nails!

Illamasqua i'mperfection speckled nail polish in speckle.

This was my first Illamasqua nail polish and i absolutely adore it! 
It's lilac/lavender cream with round black glitter.

Pictures show two coats and word of warning it's a top coat gobbler! 
I used two coats of topcoat, but after a couple of days it needs another to stop it from dulling. 

Formula was a little gloopy but leveled itself out nicely on the nail, it lasted well over a week.

Picture taken in indoor lighting.
natural light
natural light
picture taken with flash

My only complaint with this polish is that it took about six weeks for me to remove! The foil method, the bourjois remover pot, picking it was having none of it!

But it hasn't put me off as I now own Fragile (blue) (which was shown in last months vogue) band have ordered mottle (green) so I can have a skittle mani of mini egg nails!

I'm not sure if it still works but use the code WAH20 for 20% off at and best of all it lets you have the 10% loyalty discount off too! 
I somehow managed to stop myself from ordering everything on the site and settled for two polishes: the previously mentioned mottle and Noble (bright turquoise creme) 

I'm desperate to try some of the rubber brights collection now, I'll have to hunt around for them though as some have been discontinued already! 

Have you used Illamasqua polishes and what's your take on the speckled effect?