Sunday, 21 April 2013

More Sun? 
Am i really in England?!

This weather means one thing...It's time to get the holos out! 

What's even better than buying yourself a gorgeous holographic polish? Buying a polish online, in a sale, and finding out it's a crazy  linear holo! 

Today we have a polish i purchased last year in the space nk online sale for about £3...Under normal circumstances this would be considered barginous, but finding out it's actually one of the most beautiful polishes ever makes it even more so! what is this miraculous polish I hear you say?
It's Rococo nail apparel in Andromeda, a brown/black charcoal polish full of linear holo pigment. 

It's a breeze to apply, opaque in two coats and lasted for about a week with no chips.

now let's get on with the piccies!

bottle shot with flash.

It's like a 70's disco in a bottle!
Pre-cleanup, two coats with flash
with flash, showing the charcoal  colour.
 And because i can't leave anything alone..

with flash.

Picture shows two coats of Andromeda  and I then added china glaze 'I Heard That' (from their on safari collection-fall 2012) which is a gorgeous copper, gold and holo glitter, to create a sparkly, gradient mani.

I am so glad i went out on a whim and purchased Andromeda, as it's shown me that sometimes it pays to take a risk and Polish outside of the box!

Has this sunny weather got you in the holo mood or are you digging out those summer brights?