Friday, 26 April 2013

Butter London Fiddlesticks

The best thing to come out of tkmaxx...?

At the end of last year i paid a visit to my local tkmaxx in order to do some bargain polish hunting. After the two previous times, when they had next to nothing, i didn't hold much hope! However they had a sale section...Butter London Lips & Tips gift sets reduced! They had three sets available and naturally i bought them all-my first Butter Londons!! 
Fiddlesticks, Westend Wonderland and a set of three lipglosses, which ranged from £5-£7...i know-mega bargain!

Today i'll be reviewing, the polish, fiddlesticks, a gorgeous jelly magenta base with pink glitter. Also under certain lighting I can see flashes of purple. 

This was my first experience of the brand Butter London and i have to say i'm impressed! It has a perfect two coat formula, smooth application and is long wearing. Also it doesn't require layer upon layer of topcoat to smooth it out.

So here's the Stunner:

with flash

in low lighting

another shot with flash, it's so twinkly!
indoor lighting

Butter London Lips & Tips:
The polish and lipgloss seem to match each other the packaging. Unfortunately on the lips, it's a whole different story.
Whereas the polish is perfectly opaque the gloss is rather sheer and a little sticky (very long hair+sticky gloss= total disaster!!), but it's nothing that a bit of matching lipstick underneath wouldn't fix. Don't get me wrong i do like the colour of the gloss a lot and will use it, especially as i prefer lighter coloured lip products the sheerness of this lipgloss worked in my favour!

with flash.

Finally i added an OPI glitter over the top; from their spring/summer collection-Euro Centrale.
Although i thought this combo looked pretty, i think that next time i will try layering over a more contrasting colour as although the blue glitter shows up nicely, the purple/pink is kind of swallowed up.

I love, However it seemed to take weeks to dry! I had to resort to using my nail lamp in the end as even after an hour it was still tacky and I was afraid i'd do something clumsy and wreck it!!

What's your best tkmaxx find??